Salvage One Wedding Photographer | Susan & Jordan's Wedding

Susan & Jordan married this past Sunday at Salvage One. More and more couples are looking for non-traditional venues to say I do in and Salvage One is the perfect, unique spot to get married at. This Chicago venue is a 3 floor ware-house / retail space that salvages and repurposes items that many of us would just throw away. The space is filled with props and furniture, kitchen and bath accessories etc which can all be used to set the tone for your wedding day!

Last summer I met Susan and Jordan for some coffee and to go over their wedding day. They were recommended to me by their good friend, Emily who is also a photographer and who had been following my work for sometime now. Susan and Jordan ended up booking me on the spot and I was so honored that they choose me to capture their day.

Being the fact that Susan & Jordanโ€™s wedding was to take place in February, no one was surprised that we got 2-3 inches of snow. We all just embraced it! The groom and his guys were always upbeat and making us all laugh and kept us in good spirits as we tried to keep warm while capturing bridal party shots. Their entire wedding day was filled with love and laughter and my assistant and I got to witness two amazing people coming together as one in front of their closet friends and family members.

It was so much fun being a part of this beautiful celebration! I want to wish Susan and Jordan all the best in their marriage and look forward to seeing what the years bring to this beautiful couple.

XoXo Winterlyn

The funniest groomsmen and groom!

The funniest groomsmen and groom!

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